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Le Creuset Shallow Heart Cocotte

Le Creuset Shallow Heart Cocotte

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The Shallow Heart Cocotte is the ideal piece of cookware to set the mood for a romantic dinner, refining Le Creusets classic Dutch Oven design with a distinctive heart shape. This iconic piece of cookware can serve as the perfect gift for someone special and can even double wonderfully as a thoughtful accent piece on your table spread. Built with enamelled cast iron, the Shallow Heart Cocotte is designed to deliver tender final dishes, offering ingredients superior heat retention and a consistent heat source. Its chip-resistant exterior enamel ensures its durability and performance for years to come. The Shallow Heart Cocotte is available in one size (1 L), making it a great addition when tackling recipes for two. Much like traditional Dutch Oven designs, this versatile pot has a self-basting cycle, ensuring flavours are continuously being integrated as food slow cooks. Its shallow shape is perfect for stovetop cooking and oven baking.

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